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LIAONING AUTOMOTIVE GROUP is a company from China exhibitors of 113th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, fax and so on.
(这是LIAONING AUTOMOTIVE GROUP的简介、邮箱、地址、传真等详细信息,来自113届中国参展商名录。)
Information(基本信息 )

  • Company Name (公司名称) :
  • Address (地址) :
  • Registered Capital (注册资金) :
  • Time (成立时间) :
  • Staff (企业人数) :
Contact (联系方式)

Industry (行业信息)

  • Booth (展位信息) :
    Vehicle Spare Parts Phase1 2.1M22, 2.1M25, 2.1M24, 2.1M23, 2.1M21
  • Booth Category(展位分类) :
    Vehicle Spare Parts(汽车配件)
  • Buy Data (购买数据) :
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  • Exhibition Record (广交会参展记录) :
    112, 111, 110, 109, 108
  • Introduction (简介) :
    The introduction of Liaoning Automotive Group:Liaoning Automotive Group, the branch Corp. of the Liaoning province equipment, was established in Oct.1993, main handling the export and import of automobile, auto spare parts and electromechanical. The main products spreads tens nationalities and region in the world.The Group keeps 30% growth of import and export value continuously through the deepen reform , expanding operation strategy, enhancing the management and expand international and home market on the guiding of ideology ᾿evolve evolve the import-export strongly, shape extrovert pattern economies realize the health and continuable development. Along with joining WTO of China , our group will develop the superiority fully, we will further amplification scale of operation of our company just-in-time, expand to operate the province, expanding development towing force of the quickly domestic and international market place ,to make a whole new structure and form of 'operate the master diversification,import and export product diversification, commerce method diversification, import and export market place diversification'. And our group will become a large size excellent world group in national class with principle of 'The principle of management firsts in, operating the machining vivid, scientific management, the top-grade of economic benefit'.The culture of the group : Beg the subsistence with the superintendence, To set up to beg the shape.The spirit of the group: Scientific management, Bona serve, Goodwill paramountcy, The top-grade performance.The recommend of products: Its commdities include automobile, automobile fitting, metalloporphyrin material, chemical engineering raw material and product, every kind of machine electricity product. Importing and exporting every kinds of automobile fittings, accessories and Set off pcs.The turnover of our group has overbalanced more than ten millions of dollars every year.Add:25, Shengli North Street, Heping, Shenyang, China.Tel: (Office) 024-23405195 (Import&Export-department) 86-24-23406403,23406404,23836143,23836153,23832443, 23832993,23405182,23405190Fax:86-24-23838338Zip