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Guiyang smooth beautiful trade limited company

Guiyang smooth beautiful trade limited company is a company from China exhibitors of 113th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, fax and so on.
(这是Guiyang smooth beautiful trade limited company的简介、邮箱、地址、传真等详细信息,来自113届中国参展商名录。)
Information(基本信息 )

  • Company Name (公司名称) :
    Guiyang smooth beautiful trade limited company
  • Address (地址) :
    City of Nanming District Huaxi Avenue North Guiyang No. 216
  • Registered Capital (注册资金) :
  • Time (成立时间) :
  • Staff (企业人数) :
Contact (联系方式)

Industry (行业信息)

  • Booth (展位信息) :
    Vehicle Spare Parts Phase1 3.1N12
  • Booth Category(展位分类) :
    Vehicle Spare Parts(汽车配件)
  • Buy Data (购买数据) :
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  • Exhibition Record (广交会参展记录) :
  • Introduction (简介) :
    【Company Profile⾿Guiyang National Huaxin Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, is a professional foreign trade company engaged in import and export trade, to carry out the operations of domestic and foreign trade, joint ventures, co-production, re-export, etc., 21 May 2012day officially listed business. Main business, home appliances, ceramics, hardware, general merchandise, office supplies, leather, construction materials, furniture, wood furniture, agricultural products, electronic products, timber, wood products, clothing and other import and export trade. Growing the size of the company trade customers around the world, with a good reputation to get the trust of customers at home and abroad, to promote the modernization of our country, to promote economic and technological exchanges with other countries, to promote the friendship of the people of other countries to make many positive work. We sincerely hope: you and I work for a better future!